Verein Pudelpointer 
LandesGruppe NordAmerika

Welcome to the site of the North American Chapter of the Verein Pudelpointer.  The Verein Pudelpointer is the parent club responsible for creating and ongoing management of the Pudelpointer.  
The Pudelpointer is a hunter’s dog.  As such, both owners and breeders must be hunters.  This is one of the cornerstones that has allowed the Verein Pudelpointer to maintain the level of integrity and breed consistency over the more than century and half of its existence.
The purpose of this chapter is not only to uphold these high standards through the adherance to the original breeding standards set by the club; but also to enable the puppy owners to have additional resources for assistance and validation of their training programs and dog’s inherited hunting aptitude.
Please browse around and any questions are more than welcomed.
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